Mark Dickson

Sydney based photographer, with Australian, European and British clients. Specialising in Event, Portrait, Club and venue photography with a particular love of candid shooting

We aim to capture a feel of an event and not just a set of faces; adding to your event with gregarious client interaction. If you would like to have your event enhanced by our work please get in touch via facebook page link above


Clients and Portfolio | |SX News |Evo Media|
Published:The Sun Herald |3-D world | QX Magazine | Bent magazine | Channel Ten| SX News | SX National
Exhibitions:Pride Exhibition, Tap Gallery, 2009 | Pride Exhibition , Tap Gallery, 2010 -Finalist | Queer Gallery (Midnight Shift) Feb 2013
Events: Popcorn - Heaven (London) | DIVA | SGLMG/New Mardi Gras | World Pride| London Pride| CSD (Berlin) Manchester Pride | Oxford Pride | MTV awards | Brisbane Pride | Say Cheese parties | I Remember House | Rock Your Box Flash Mobs
Portraits:Singer, Damien Mancell |Singer, Mary Kiani | DJ Mark Loasby | DJ Neil Hume | DJ Kate Monroe| Actor, Nick Chayko | DJ Dom De Sousa | DJ Zaine Fierce (Germany) | DJ Sara Cox (UK) | Agent, Melanie Rockcliffe (UK)
Other Clients:Sydney University | Singtel - OPTUS | Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service| Fierce Angel |Day Wash| Slide | Perfect Day | Tap Gallery | Say Cheese | DIVA (awards) Australia|Australian Marriage Equality| Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras | I Remember House| Rock Your Box | Fox TV Australia | Sydney Convicts | Sydney Outfielders| DNA - Pound Fridays | Frat Party | Trashy Events | Newtone Entertainment | Commonwealth Bank | Heaven Nightclub (London) | 
Purchasing info
-water marks on the images here are not on purchased images unless specified. 
-commercial use of images other than press & general website usage may require model release. please contact us.
-On-selling of images is prohibited without a specific agreement. 
-Copyright is not sold with any images unless expressly stated in written agreement.


Contact me for pricing on photographing your portrait, party or event, & Featured Image advert on your folder & image hosting. My favourite style is observational/candid and aim to capture a feel of an event rather than only posed shots.

Mark Dickson BSc


AKA Entertainment

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