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Published:The Sun Herald |3-D world | QX Magazine | Bent magazine | Channel Ten| SX News | SX National
Exhibitions:Pride Exhibition, Tap Gallery, 2009 | Pride Exhibition , Tap Gallery, 2010 -Finalist | Queer Gallery (Midnight Shift) Feb 2013
Events: Popcorn - Heaven (London) | DIVA | SGLMG/New Mardi Gras | World Pride| London Pride| CSD (Berlin) Manchester Pride | Oxford Pride | MTV awards | Brisbane Pride | Say Cheese parties | I Remember House | Rock Your Box Flash Mobs
Portraits:Singer, Damien Mancell |Singer, Mary Kiani | DJ Mark Loasby | DJ Neil Hume | DJ Kate Monroe| Actor, Nick Chayko | DJ Dom De Sousa | DJ Zaine Fierce (Germany) | DJ Sara Cox (UK) | Agent, Melanie Rockcliffe (UK)
Other Clients:Sydney University | Singtel - OPTUS | Defence Force Gay and Lesbian Information Service| Fierce Angel |Day Wash| Slide | Perfect Day | Tap Gallery | Say Cheese | DIVA (awards) Australia|Australian Marriage Equality| Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras | I Remember House| Rock Your Box | Fox TV Australia | Sydney Convicts | Sydney Outfielders| DNA - Pound Fridays | Frat Party | Trashy Events | Newtone Entertainment | Commonwealth Bank | Heaven Nightclub (London) | 
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Contact me for pricing on photographing your portrait, party or event, & Featured Image advert on your folder & image hosting. My favourite style is observational/candid and aim to capture a feel of an event rather than only posed shots.

Mark Dickson BSc


AKA Entertainment

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